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    What do Jedward look for in a girl?


    by ODN


    X Factor twins John and Edward Grimes failed to top the charts and were dropped by their record company this year, but Jedmania shows no sign of stopping.

    Fans still follow the teens' every movements. The Irish duo admit they are still single, but they both have clear ideas of what they are looking for in a girl.

    "We want a girl who is sensitive and humble, and is really cool, and knows who she is.

    "And is not trying to look cool, just naturally looks cool," said John.

    "And who goes to our concerts," added Edward.

    The 18-year-olds have just completed a sold-out tour of Ireland and are now signed to new label Universal.They are also soon to be seen in a relaunched advert for carpet refreshener Shake 'n' Vac.