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    DNA² episode 12

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    Xayou have put the 13 episode in VOST FR.
    It's better for me because my english it's to bad.
    I see in first in english and in seccond in french, for training!
    You don't say sorry for don't have all the episode!
    We just need to say thanks for all.
    It's you on the picture? (I'm very curious)
    By mafalda1289 years ago
    McNugget Asian Entertainment
    yeah sorry I can't really speak French. I wish I could, it's a nice language ^_^
    hmm and sorry about not having the next epidsode for this, I couldn't find it which was strange.
    Hello mcnugget
    thanks for episodes of DNA².
    I'm so sad you don't have the 13 episode...
    It's a cool serie.
    Do you speak french?
    By mafalda1289 years ago