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    Do you know Hackett & Lawson

    bob erwig

    by bob erwig

    Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans - Bobby Hacket and Yank Lawson.

    Yank Lawson in a telephone call with Bobby Hackett:
    Yank: “Hi Bobby, I’m with my band in Toronto and playing tonight in Massey Hall. Since you are also in Toronto I like to invite you come and play a few tunes with us”
    Bobby: “Yes Yank, that will be wonderful. Your band exist of my favourite musicians. It will be a great pleasure.
    Yank: “ Why don’t you plan a break in your schedule and join us at 9.45. Then we start with ‘Do you know what it means’ together and take it from there.”
    Bobby: “that’s swell, I’ll take a cab, and be there tonight.”
    Yank:” Look forward to it”
    This tune was recorded on the spot. No rehearsal, just like that. Yank takes the melody and Bobby improvises around it. Then Yank indicates and give Bobby the first solo etc. “That’s how jazz is made”.