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    Easy way to learn Punjabi |


    by 2545610m

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    Mission Critical: "Passing our glorious language and culture to our future generations". Taking our mother tongue (Punjabi) to the next level. Our dream of taking mother tongue to next level comes true through hard workship and foresight thinking. We are introducing animated, interactive multimedia software to make learning language experience easy and fun for our young learners. With combination of latest cutting technologies and animation enabled us to create a wonderful product called "Punjabi Reloaded ".

    We believe that learning through interactive games help learner to retain the skills of language for longer period of time. Our product and your help to encourage young learners will be a big leap toward the journey of learning Punjabi language (Gurmukhi script).

    Punjabi Reloaded V1.0 : The Punjabi learning software is released in vancouver on April 04th, 2010. Now it is available to public on Vaisakhi Nagar Kirtan in Vancouver and Surrey.