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    Oncology Patient Education Cancer Surgery Center

    John Samellas

    by John Samellas

    593 views or or - Patient Education - 617-244-7591 The PreOp Surgery Centers, patient education for Healthcare providers and patients: A patient education learning model created with ... all » board-certified surgeons, designed to help the patient and family caregivers understand a medical health condition and the most common surgical procedure. The preoperative instructions covered are the patient's medical condition, the patient's alternative treatments, the patient's medical records, anesthesia, before surgery, patient's surgical operation, after surgery recovery, and patient's medical risks. This rich media education supports JCAHO hospital administrative procedures and contributes to informed consent. PreOp Surgery Centers include cardiology, oncology, laparoscopy, OB-GYN, orthopedics, pediatrics, bariatrics and cosmetic surgery. PostCare Recovery Series includes basic care tasks, diabetes and urinary care including catheterization and pain management. Each pre-op patient education title is comprised of digital information containing anatomical medical illustrations as presentations in video, slide shows, text base and streaming audio narration. These medical illustrations may act as legal documents in risk based medical malpractice cases to support patients, as well as, medical practices, physicians, and healthcare or hospital risk managers