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    Sorokdo, South Korea Receives a World Class Performance


    by NTDTelevision

    It’s one of the world’s most famous orchestras with renowned conductor and pianist Vladimir Ashkenazy playing one of classical music's most famous pieces.

    And on Wednesday, the inhabitants of Sorokdo, South Korea got their first taste of Beethoven's fifth symphony.

    Sorokdo is a small desolate island that was once a leper colony.

    Chosen for its isolation, it was established in 1916.

    But now the patients staying here are all cured.

    [Lee Nam-chul, Sorokdo Resident]: (Korean, male)
    "Even parents, brothers and sisters try to avoid Hansen patients, but many people from abroad came here for this event. It's just like a dream. I heard about this kind of concert, but it's my first time enjoying the concert in person. I have nothing to regret even if I die now."

    For many here on Sorokdo, the concert was their first experience listening to a live performance.

    [Park Dong-ik, Sorokdo Resident]: (Korean, male)
    "Watching a concert on television is different from enjoying it in person. So it is really impressive and I am thankful. Yes, I am."

    Until last year, the only way to get here was over water. But now a bridge between the island and mainland has meant the people here are not so cut off.

    Most of the patients that live here are now in their seventies. Now the only scars left are the psychological wounds from being ostracized most of their lives.