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    Garden Clock in Western India Could be World’s Largest


    by NTDTelevision

    India’s Surat City is famous for its expertise in diamond cutting, but now it may be home to the largest garden clock in the world.

    The Surat Municipal Corporation commissioned the gigantic clock for the golden jubilee celebrations of the formation of Gujarat state.

    Only two other clocks in the world—one in Saudi Arabia and one in Turkey—are larger, but they don’t qualify as “time machines in a garden.”

    The Surat clock may make it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the third largest clock in the world with a diameter around 80 feet, and as the world’s largest garden clock as well.

    [Aniket, Surat Resident]: (Hindi, male boy)
    "I first read about this clock in the newspaper which said here we have world's biggest clock but I did not believe it. I thought it would not be that big but when I insisted on coming here today, my brother brought me here. I saw the size of the clock. I was surprised by the fact that a clock can be that big. I think this clock should be listed in Guinness Book of World Records."

    It took 13 long years for the complete landscaping of Navin Chandra Mafatlal Garden including the setting up of this huge clock before throwing it open for the general public.