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    Voters humble Jacqui Smith


    by ODN


    Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has suffered a humiliating defeat, becoming one of Labour's most high-profile casualties in the General Election.

    Ms Smith showed no emotion as she forfeited her Redditch seat to Tory rival Karen Lumley, losing the 2,716 majority she won in the last election.

    The former "Blair Babe" joined Labour's casualties in the closest-run election in a generation - winning just 13,317 votes compared to Lumley's 19,138.

    Her ousting came as little surprise after her role in the expenses scandal.

    The former school teacher hit the headlines after husband Richard Timney put two pornographic movies on her parliamentary expenses.

    He later took responsibility and apologised, but Ms Smith then faced criticism for designating her sister's house in London as her main home rather than her home in Redditch, where she lives with her husband and their two children.

    She was found to have broken the rules on expenses, claiming more than £116,000 over six years from her living arrangement.