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    Epoxy Overspray Removal Project - Zurich Insurance Claim

    Jeff Suggs

    by Jeff Suggs

    Paint Overspray Removal of Texas manages overspray claims in and out of the USA. We have never turned down an overspray project because we could not repair a vehicle from overspray damage. This car is a perfect example of that statement, and it is hammered with Epoxy paint. You will not see any videos like this one from another paint overspray company. The reason for that is most of the major overspray companies tried to repair these vehicles and could not. This is because they take great pride in the fact that they do all work by hand. This simply means that they are very limited to what they can clean. Check out more videos on all kinds of overspray removal just (google paint overspray) and hit videos and see many variations of overspray removal. Contact me Toll Free 877-715-5663 or