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    Iron Man 2 is AMAZING compared to these stupid heroes! ...


    by indymogul

    Iron Man! Now there's a REAL superhero ... but for this episode of FFtv, we don't want awesome heroes, we want the CRAPPIEST. We challenged YOU to make films about superheroes with the "Worst. Power. Ever." and you did just that - a disgusting dude who shoots projectile snot out his nose, and a man who has the ability to create pine cones out of thin air. Watch and vote for your favorite!Welcome to Film Fights TV! The show where we take two short films from the site Film Fights, and pit them against each other in a battle of epic proportions! Who decides the winner? Random people on the street and YOU, the voting public. We also get expert advice and tips from filmmakers, on how you can make your films better. Maybe in our next episode you'll be seeing your film on the show, too!Learn how to enter Film Fights: more fights coming up: with IndyMogul:Website:  http://www.indymogul.comSubmit: us! (866) 575-1384