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    Magnetic motor - generator


    by nerrutis

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    Magnetic motor is a reality today! Zero point energy is manageable to use today!

    The stator accommodates six coils of copper wire. These are cast in fiber glass resin. The casting is mounted on to the spine to prevent it from moving.

    It changes the AC to DC in order to facilitate battery charging. It is mounted on an aluminum ‘heat sink’. This helps in keeping it cool.

    Magnet rotors

    These are mounted on bearings & turn on the shaft. The rear rotor is situated behind the stator. The front rotor is situated on the outside & fixed to the rear one with the help of long studs that pass through a hole in to the stator. The wind turbine rotor blades would be fixed on to the same studs. These function towards turning the magnet rotors & move magnets past the coils.

    The magnetic flux passes from rotor to rotor with the help of stator. Electric power is is actually produced by this moving magnetic flux.