The Coral Ridge Hour Special - Socialism: A Clear and Presen


by CoralRidgeMinistries



@kent - Not one thing is "hateful" about anything in this video. Whats truly "disturbing" and "disgusting" are the effects of this ideology. Open your "progressive level mind".
By cartoons3 years ago
This is one of the most disturbing and disgusting programs to promote the conservative agenda-using a guise of religionism-I've witnessed recently. Maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg, since I refuse to allow such viewing into our home. I've not watched the video here, but noticed it briefly on my television. I'll be calling channel 12 to make a complaint, and I'm never a person to call-in for any reason-it's just that the program is that intensely evil. Maybe it's actually helping progressive level minded persons-by showing the perverse idiocy of the Christian community. These Religions are DOOMSDAY CULTS, THREATENING CIVILIZATION AND FUTURES CHILD. To use God for politics, greed and prejudice is wrong. You're not really teaching Jesus anymore-maybe you never really did from a pure heart. God is REAL... God is not a religion! The ways you use your religion to gain what you want is Satanic. God is LOVE, not your Christian Hate. Shame on all of you!
By Kent31105 years ago