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    Workforce Indicators for Staffing Needs (WISN)

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    Workforce Indicators for Staffing Needs (WISN) is a facility based workforce planning method which was adapted from the original WHO Workload Indicators of Staffing Needs Methodology. This short documentary is designed as an introduction to WISN, showing backgrounds, training scenes, opinions and results. The film shows how the GTZ/EPOS HRD project working in NTB and NTB province - Indonesia have adapted WISN for application using a “bottom up” approach at decentralized level of health services. The methodology has proved to be practical and empowering for the health workers at the lowest levels of the health services such as at health centre level. It has also proves useful for use at district hospital level. The acceptance of the decision makers of the results and their use of this evidence to address staffing of the facilities based on the application of WISN by the staff to their own workloads has proved to be a powerful motivator to staff in the relevant health facilities.