Day 78 (Jan 11th) - Puntata - Everybody Finds Out

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Translated by Indiepop, Demaspe and BigStarRolling.

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It's so sad that they had to defend such a beautiful love. They should live in the U.S., The attitudes here are not yet perfect but there appears to be much more understanding and acceptance here and in certain other countries than in Italy. This took place 3 years ago so hopefully acceptance in Italy is better now.
Thanks for the English translation.
Por MySapphicLife no ano passado
Thnx for uploded especially V&S. but I still looking for all scenes from the Sarah entered the house, until Varonica leave the house...
Por Mia Wilson no ano passado
Yes, thank you so much for uploading most of their parts and scenes from BB.. And a HUGE thank you for putting up English subtitles in all of them..
Por Idareu2luvme Há 2 anos
I love how Vero and Sarah were there for each other. BB cared about their relationship so much that they even did a special clip for them to be seen by the other contestants. The audience was definately not receptive of el Sogno but still care to the point of bashing them...I felt bad for Vero and Sarah to always have to justify their love and relationship.
Por speakout Há 3 anos
Thanks for the subs...
Por nona1983 Há 4 anos
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