Be My Baby-Blue Steele Orchestra


by Lou

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Be My Baby-Blue Steele Orchestra on Vis 21355,Recorded in Memphis,Tn. on Feb.8-1928.Kenny Sargent is on the vocal.
Thanks to Eric Patterson and his sister Helen for the excellent photos.


The audio sounds like a speaker phone. Probably a makeshift room with poor acoustics or "bargain" recording equipment.
By Boston Blackie 5 years ago
Some of Blue Steele's recordings sound tinny like this one.They must have used a poor recording location.I agree some of these "Territory" bands were outstanding.I also love the Charles Fultcher Orchestra out of Atlanta and the Halfway House Orchestra out of New Orleans.
By Lou 5 years ago
Thank you for bringing us another great Blue Steele recording. I agree with Patrick that this band has been overlooked somewhat. It was of the best Southern Territory bands. I think so anyway !
By Walter Gray 5 years ago
Another brilliant Steele recording! Thank you for sharing this great, unjustly slightly overlooked band for decades.
By kspm0220s 5 years ago
I have one more Blue Steele called "Searching" that I'm saving for tomorrow and then I'll give him a break.
By Lou 5 years ago
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