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    LIPOLIFT II - Enzymatic Contouring Injection
    ENZYMATIC CONTOURING (EC) Injection is the latest weapon in our battle against the bulge. This injectable product causes fat cells to metabolize and excreate fat from inside the cells. It is fat cell specific and therefore very safe and very targeted. Other tissues in the area are not affected. Thus it can safely be used on the face and neck to reduce the jowls and "turkey neck" that many patients complain about. EC can also be used inother areas that accumulate unwanted fat such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, love handles and upper arms. Larger areas can be treated during each session and results may be seen sooner than with the LipoLift I. It is especially recommended for circumferential reduction below the waist. It is much less traumatic than the Lipodissolve injections with minimal side effects.

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