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    “We Love Our King” - Thai People Speak Out in Melbourne


    by NTDTelevision

    While it seems the ongoing political unrest in Thailand may not be resolved any time soon, there’s one issue in the midst of this that many Thai people are not so willing to accept, that’s a negative view towards the country’s long reigning king. This story from our Melbourne correspondent.

    The seven week standoff continues between Thailand’s government, and those calling for it to be dissolved.

    It’s uncertain how events may unfold, but the fact that Thailand’s Monarchy has lost favor with some groups, is what concerns many Thais at home and abroad.

    [Tan Punturaumporn, Thai Immigrant - Melbourne, Australia]:
    “There’s a group which you recall, mainly the Red Shirts I suppose, that ‘anti’ the king, and we are here to make a noise that ‘we love our king’.”

    And so on May 1st, Thailand’s Labor Day, Thai people in Melbourne, are out voicing their support for their highly revered Thai king.

    [Pranaiya Thapmongkol, Thai Immigrant - Melbourne, Australia]:
    “Most people actually think that the Thai King is involved in the government, in how the country is run, but actually he is not ... I just want the world to know that he doesn’t get involved and he deserves to be there and deserves to be respected.”

    [Tan Punturaumporn, Thai Immigrant - Melbourne, Australia]:
    “We don’t respect him or love him just because he was born a king, we respect and love him for what he did for the country, for the 60 odd million people in Thailand”

    The Thai King has reigned for six decades. He’s so highly regarded and respected amongst the Thai people, that a negative word or intention against him, will not go unnoticed.


    [Sutasinee Mcguigan, Thai Immigrant - Melbourne, Australia]:
    “He is in our heart, in our mind all the time, and I couldn’t believe that someone would think bad things about him.”

    [Pranaiya Thapmongkol, Thai Immigrant - Melbourne, Australia]:
    “A lot of Thai people out there still love the king and support our Monarchy.”

    Rebel Eddy, NTD News, Melbourne