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    Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy to “Rock On” Overseas


    by H.S.Communication

    Balaji Entertainment Inc. presents “Inspiration Rock On Live in concert”. This is an upcoming tour of industry’s top most music composers Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy along with talented singers like Mahalaxmi Iyer and Richa Sharma. Recently at a press conference held at Sun-n-Sand Hotel in Juhu, Mumbai “The Awesome Trio” spoke to the media about their upcoming world tour. Shri Balaji Entertainment’s Founder “Rockey” was also present. Shankar and Ehsaan arrived at the Press Conference along with singer Mahalaxmi and Loy arrived a few minutes later on. “We thank the media for attending the press conference even though it is a bank holiday.”-Shankar Mahadevan said.”Our main focus is on the music and the musical content.”A journalist spoke to them about performing with Pakistani Singer Shafaqat Amaanat Ali Khan . Shankar spoke” We don’t mind performing in Pakistan as well. Shafaqat is a very talented singer and he is well known all over the world. The Pakistani people staying abroad will turn up in huge numbers to listen to him”. We also want to spread the message of love, friendship and peace though our concert “. Loy told us . “Music is to heal. When people listen to our music they can relate to it. That is why people loved Kal ho na ho’s music because they could feel the emotions hidden deep in every song.”Singer Mahalaxmi spoke to the media about singing in studio and performing live “When a singer records a song in a studio, he or she doesn’t understand the depth of the song and hence we can’t determine to which extent the audience would appreciate it. The thunderous clapping of the audience to an artist’s performance is best music to the artist’s ears. That’s why whenever we get an opportunity to perform we try not to miss .I really enjoy performing in front of a live audience.” The choreographers of the show Kunjan and Danny were also present at the press conference “There is a huge difference in performing in a reality show and in front of a live audience. This tour means a lot to us as it is challenging ...