Pitching Mechanics - Delayed Shoulder Rotation

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The technique of delaying your shoulder as you deliver a pitch is extremely valuable. It creates pitching velocity and will help save your arm.

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There is no such thing as delayed shoulder rotation its called keeping the front side closed as long as possible, this means keeping the front shoulder pointed at home plate as long as possible with the ball back as shown here.Rotating the the shoulder early means you are opening up to soon which reduces your speed and changes the location of the pitch usually inside to far or outside to far depending on your follow through .You are correct your front foot should be slightly closed on landing and coming down as flat as possible with a long smooth stride and the glove coming into your chest this keeps you in a straight line towards home plate.When you break try and keep your glove pointed at the catcher as long as you can this helps you to keep the front side closed.
By hocheye 3 years ago