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    Getting Back With My Ex - The Second Date


    by breakupdoctor

    645 views Hopefully, you handled the first date really well, so it looks like there is a good chance of getting a second date. So what’s the plan for that? First off, don’t rush into anything. Winning back your ex is like a marathon, not a sprint. Keep with the idea of taking things nice and slow. You don’t want to frazzle them by being overly aggressive. Let them breathe a little. Your ex might just get in touch with you before you even call them. If that’s the case, Great! Just go with it. If not, call them in a week or so. When you call them, act in the same manner you did in the first time: Friendly, confident, nice and light. This time, though instead of coffee, do something a little more fun. It will take a little less pressure off of you.