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    Battery Renewal Rejuvenation for Electric Cars Tested


    by rejuvenated_batteries

    ityEl three-wheeled EV, produced in Germany.
    Dynasty EV a neighborhood electric vehicle
    EuAuto Mycar manufactured in Southern China, sold in Hong Kong, limited to roads with speed limit at or below 50 km/h
    Global Electric Motorcars, LLC (GEM) quite common in California.
    Miles Electric Vehicles LSVs for fleet and neighborhood use

    Miles XS500 Electric Vehicle Production Electric Vehicle from Miles Electric Vehicles.
    Oka NEV ZEV Low Speed Electric Vehicle made in Russia, sold in USA.
    Open Since the beginning of this year also sold in Japan as Girasole, with higher speed and wider range as the Open.
    Twike three-wheeled ev with pedal assist option. produced in Germany.
    ZENN a fully-enclosed three-door hatchback Low-speed vehicle. REVA Indian-built city car. Also sold the UK as the G-Wiz as well as in several European countries. In the USA, limited to use as a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle.