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    Revived Battery Electric Vehicle 4-Year Batteries Re-Test


    by rejuvenated_batteries

    Solectria Force - conversion of Geo Metro, not currently in production
    Škoda Eltra, also sold as (1992-1993) derived from Škoda Favorit, top speed of 80 km/h and a range of about 80 km, using lead–acid batteries[17]
    Škoda/Tatra Beta (1994-1997) about 100 produced, using nickel-cadmium batteries[18][19]
    Think City - Norwegian import by Ford, lease only, all recovered and returned to Norway. Think Global produced 200 Th!nk City cars in 2008.
    Toyota RAV4 EV (leased and sold on US east and west coast, out of production, supported.
    Volkswagen Golf CITYStromer (1995–1998) volkswagen has built 200 electric versions of the golf 3.
    Volkswagen Jetta CITYStromer
    Wrightspeed X1 an Ariel Atom sports car modified to use an all-electric powertrain. Production has been cancelled.
    Xebra an enclosed three-wheel electric vehicle (2006-2009).
    ZENN The cityZENN was cancelled in fall 2009.
    Zytek Lotus Elise