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    Iron Man 2 Movie Trailer in 3D - Anaglyph

    Al Caudullo Productions

    by Al Caudullo Productions

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    With all the big movies coming out in 3D, many people are confused about why Iron Man 2 will only be available in regular 2D.

    This video is a 2D to 3D conversion of a clip to show just how Iron Man 2 could of looked in 3D.

    If you have any requests or something you would love to see in 3D, then send us a message or visit www. 3DGUY . tv and inform us.

    www. 3DGUY . tv has begun converting 2D movie trailers in to 3D, and more can be found on our YouTube channel. ( is not in anyway attempting to promote 2D-3D conversion, as in comparison to filming in native 3D the quality suffers, however 3DGUY just wants to show the world 3D content from upcoming 3D features).

    As 3D cinema and 3D technology is booming at this moment in time audiences should not be restricted to simply viewing 2D trailers of what will be a 3D movie.

    The trailers are available in a variety of 3D formats thanks to YouTube's 3D feature, including stereoscopic and anaglyph 3D. To switch between 3D formats, view the video from our channel page.

    3DGUY. tv also offers 3D training services, more information on that can be found on our website.