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The Maker - by Rick Wakeman - Perf'd by Chris Huebner

8 years ago366 views

This is a beautiful piece from Rick's No Earthly Connection album. It's such a beautiful melody.

No Earthly Connection is one of those albums that really is one song with may sub parts. While technically there may be "tracks" its really all one musical experience. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. It was one of two record albums that were the first I ever bought for myself. (The other was Pink Floyd - Animals)

This piece starts with the sound of mumbling in the beginning (and middle) which I try to represent with a patch that uses choir voices but run through a LFO set to a S&H waveform for the pitch and a second LFO set to a random waveform for the filter. (If you're not a keyboard player this won't mean anything to you so don't worry :-) ).

Here's my version. I hope I've done it justice.