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    The Journey - By Rick Wakeman - Perf'd By Chris Huebner

    Chris Huebner

    by Chris Huebner

    I'm getting back to my roots and playing a lot more synth in this one. It feels good. Organs and synths is where it all started for me.

    I love Rick's synth melodies from his Journey To The Center Of The Earth album. I actually didn't follow that version though. I used a version he plays on one of his greatest hits albums (2 CD Set actually). As always, I learned this by ear. It would be great to have a Minimoog to play this on. I remember in the mid 70's I almost bought one, but got talked out of it. Oh well. I did what I could with the XP-80 to get a respectable Minimoog sound out of it. I think it's OK. Probably needs a little more work but IMHO it passes for now.