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    How Socialism Takes Over 1of2: Fabianism & Leninism


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    Socialism was never meant to be a system to 'help the people'. It is, from its inception, a system of mass management of populations, on behalf of a self-appointed governing class, the "intelligentsia".
    It's a system by which that governing class uses the powers of the state to take control over (and from then on, manage) each and every aspect of society, according to its own particular whims.

    It was born out of the 19th century ideologies of "scientific/rationalist management of society", under which individual liberty could not be tolerated, and social life had to be entirely regimented, and planned, by the ruling class.
    That meant *everything* would ultimately be defined by the state: economics, social creeds (including religion), politics, social habits, and even population size and composition, through the practice of population control and state-run eugenics, among certain groups (abortion, sterilization, euthanasia).