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http://CarpetCleaningExpertsAtlanta.com | Duct Cleaning Atlanta GA 877-647-5585. Many health related problems can be attributed to the air quality in our homes. As much as 85% of the contaminants in the air we breathe passes through disposable filters and is then re-circulated through central heating and cooling systems. F.W. Services can perform a duct cleaning service to help alleviate this problem for you. To find out more give us a call at (877) 647-5585 or fill out the Rapid Response form at our website CarpetCleaningExpertsAtlanta.com. How contaminated is the air in your home? Common house dust is known to be more dangerous than dust that occurs outdoors. It contains pet dander, skin flakes, hair, dust mites, pollen, bacteria, chemical residue from your cleaning supplies and a whole host of other possible contaminants. The solution is to visit CarpetCleaningExpertsAtlanta or call F.W. Services at (877) 647-5585 and talk to one of our friendly, professional technicians about what we can do to make the air in your home safer and easier to breath. Our decontamination service involves much more than simply removing the debris from your air duct system. Here at F.W. Services we go through a four step process. Step one includes testing your heating and cooling system to ensure its operating correctly. After disconnecting the power, we'll vacuum the interior of your furnace and air conditioner. The cooling coils and the blower unit will also be cleaned. Then we'll use an EPA registered biocide to decontaminate all of the interior surfaces. Step two involves removing and cleaning the wall, ceiling and floor registers. We will block the airflow to all return and supply duct openings. In step three a negative air machine is attached to your system and then a power brush or an air- powered tool will be used to extract the debris. If you like we'll fog your ducts with an Odor Kill deodorizer. Finally, in step four we reinstall the registers, reconnect the power and retest your system to ensure that it's working ...