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    Defendants Have No Right To Videotape Medical Examinations


    by cullenlawfirm

    132 views  Orlando personal injury lawyer Kim Michael Cullen discusses a new court decision that prohibits defendants and their lawyers from videotaping medical examinations of accident victims in personal injury cases.  The Fifth District Court of Appeals in Daytona Beach ruled that plaintiffs have an expectation of privacy in medical examination, and as a result cannot be forced to allow the negligent party's lawyers to videotape the examination.  In the meantime, plaintiffs can videotape the examination for themselves if they so choose.  Defendants in lawsuits are allowed to select and pay doctors of their own choosing to examine injury victims and usually give testimony that the plaintiff is not badly injured or that he suffers from pre-existing conditions.  The Law Offices of Kim Michael Cullen has experience dealing with these compulsory defense examinations.  Call Kim at 407-254-4901.