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    Shen Yun at the Wales Millennium Center


    by NTDTelevision

    The Wales Millennium Center in Cardiff. Opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004, the center has established a reputation as one of the world’s premier arts and cultural destinations.

    Over the past two days, a welcoming audience has been flocking here to see Shen Yun Performing Arts.

    “Uplifted, Uplifted, that’s right.”

    “Excitement, energy.”

    “You just want to jump up and dance along really, it’s so lovely.”

    Many local VIPs were present at the performances.

    Welsh actress Liz Gardener shares her impression of the show.

    [Liz Gardener, Actress]:
    “It’s absolutely beautiful, it’s spectacular, it’s joyous, the talent of the performers is just amazing and the design is so colorful, and matching the costumes with the background, it’s just lovely, what can I say, it’s really difficult!”

    And others came from other parts of the UK to catch the show.

    [Ma Jian, Author]:
    “Of course it has had a very deep influence on me, the most striking thing is their professionalism. Every performer and the music they play is all original. They take every little detail very seriously.”

    Ma said he was stunned by the Chinese ethnic dances in the show.

    [Ma Jian, Author]:
    “The traditional culture of China, of course we can’t just say it is Chinese culture, China includes many other places, there are Tibetans, the Miao ethnic group and other ethnic minorities. Seeing the traditional culture of their races in the modern society, compared to the modern things we see and recognize, was really stunning.”

    As the last show finishes many audience members say they will be back for more next year.

    After two days of performances, and a warm welcome from the Welsh people, the show celebrating five millennia of Chinese culture has come to a close at the Wales Millennium Center.

    Ben Hedges NTD News, Cardiff, UK.