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  • Add to | Miami Beach Vacation Rentals Miami Beach Vacation Rentals When in the market to take a vacation, a few different destinations, trips, and plans may come to mind. For those specifically to get away for the weekend, the week, or even longer simply to relax, and soak in some sun, a Miami Beach Vacation Rental may be right up your alley. Beyond the common vacation destination such as resorts and beach front property, there are a few other less considered spots that may provided a superior value, or unique vacation experience. Well known for its golf courses, there are various country clubs that may not offer lodging, but still work closely with nearby hotels to secure a great value on an excellent game of golf. With all these options available to the vacationer, it’s important to not be swindled by fast talking, timeshare salesmen looking to make a quick buck off the buyer, and consult a proper travel agent along the way. At, we are not simply a travel agent, or even a travel agent specializing in beach vacations. We specialize specifically on the Miami Beach area specializing Miami Beach Vacation Rental packages, and are well accustomed not only to what already exists in the area, but also new attractions, events, and interesting locales that are prime to spring up in the near future. Most specifically, we have a focus on the following zip codes: 33109, 33119, 33139, 33140, 33141, 33154, 33239, 33008, 33009 and 33157. This fine, refined area allows us to best tailor our services, to ensure that we are not selling a vacation package that we do not fully understand. If your destination is outside this area however, we can still assist you, and forward you to someone who can better meet your vacation needs. All in all those looking to rent a property, timeshare, resort slot, or simply book a hotel local to a specific area should make this decision very carefully. A Miami Beach Vacation Rental is more than a place to stay for a few days ...