The Crystal Method / LMFAO 'Sine Language' Video Contest

The Crystal Method
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Need clarification on the rules! The rules state that the Music Video may not contain any content that: (j) Contains materials embodying the names, likenesses or other indicia identifying any person other than the Artist, including, without limitation, celebrities and/or other public or private figures, living or dead; and ....To me, this says that you cannot show ANYONE in the video except LMFAO and Crystal Method – which is the footage supplied to contestants. We use the word "likeness" in our video release forms to indicate that if we shoot a person and you can identify them, then you have shown their "likeness." In this instance, the rules seem to prohibit showing anyone who you might be able to identify. Therefore, you could only show back of heads, feet, legs, arms, but no faces or images where a person could be identified. Is this a correct interpretation of the rules as they stand? Thanks.
By videopropulsion 4 years ago