Giantess Mother

Mark Lee

by Mark Lee

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Everyone, I show my new animation Giantess Mother.


~heyy .the best ever! ^^
By Spam Bot 5 years ago
The little guys do it in purpose. They really want to get squished by the gorgeous and giant foot of a woman. I call it suicide by giantess. It is just like when a little guy just stands there waiting for a qiant woman to eat him alive.
By doormat2women 5 years ago
Whay do all the little guys in all these giantess videos just stand there out in the open waiting for her to step on them?
By hungryguystories 5 years ago
It must be very pathetic to end up like a squished roach under your mom's shoe after living a life of luxury, and the worst part is that she just squished the poor soul like nothing happened.
By doormat2women 5 years ago
make a new video with vore,this one is not sexy plz
By bam123456789b 5 years ago
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