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    A Little Birdie For You

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    2nd Journal 2010-04-27 Transcript: On Scribd - Intro: Ah, a ten Mayan day; I like that. With the ten things begin to manifest, to appear for you. Up to that point you’ve been involved in the creation — of whatever — but with ten you begin to see fruits. I like tens. Monkey is fun, too. He’s a weaver of time; weaving things in and through time. Playful, too. What strives to be said, here? I’d give it wing before getting deeper into my day. Mornings are a special, quiet, sacred time for me. I know, I’m blessed. You know, every coin has its two sides. I won’t envy you; don’t envy me. Envy’s no good. Tears us apart. Oh, it’s subtle, but subtle we are, too. We operate on all kinds of levels. While the dark force would like us to believe we’re this simple, limited thing, we’re so not that. We’re as unlimited as the wide Cosmos. And our atoms are entangled with quite everything that is, so who needs spaceships to go anywhere, huh?...