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    Demolition vs. Young Stallions


    by rland1987

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    similar end as the match against strike force at wm 4
    By nick75853 years ago
    also had to be one of Bruno's last commentaries. Glad he is going in the hof this year
    By nick75853 years ago
    didn't feel Vince and Jesse did well together. Jesse a former wrestler had the knowledge of wrestling Vince just was hiding the fact he was the boss being the commentator.
    By nick75853 years ago
    garth leslie robinson
    No offence intended....but to much commentary breaks spoilt the flow of an other wise Good action match...with Splendid camera close ups into the bargain.
    By garth leslie robinson6 years ago
    Randy  Ragsdale
    Look at this. When you're in there with guys the size of Demolition, you cannot expect to isolate an arm or a shoulder and go to work on it throughout the entire match in hopes that it will somehow generate a victory for you. You've got to go after the knee's, blow the sparks out and really wear these guys down. There's only so much damage you can do to a big three hundred pounder by pounding away on his shoulder. After a while your opponent is either going to ignore that pain or you're going to make a mistake.
    By Randy Ragsdale6 years ago