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    "It’s like they’re floating on air" - Shen Yun in Milwaukee


    by NTDTelevision

    This past weekend, Shen Yun Performing Arts made a stop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As our correspondent reports... it made a deep impression on many who were there.

    Shen Yun Performing Arts arrived in Milwaukee this weekend, and there are a lot of happy locals, like Rita Andis.

    [Rita Andis, Entrepreneur]:
    “I love dance. And it’s so smooth. It’s like they’re floating on air. The costumes are gorgeous. I love the music.”

    Commenting on the components of the show, CEO John Rohatsch.

    [John Rohatsch, Transport Company CEO]:
    “Fantastic. We are really lucky to see these dancers in Milwaukee.”

    [Susan Bernard, Audience Member]:
    “Really incredible. The costumes, and the choreography, and the vocals are just fabulous. It’s wonderful. I was glad I was able to be here.”

    Musician Bruce Powell was overtly impressed by a more electronic element of the show.

    [Bruce Powell, Musician]:
    “The audio-visual effects were beyond my expectations. It was great.”

    NTD News, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.