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    Tracfone Mothers Day promotion

    Stef Cowan

    by Stef Cowan



    Tracfone is not for everybody, but it does work well for my needs. I needed a cell phone for making calls when away from home. I do not use a lot of minutes a month and do not need a camera or ring tones or other features. I just wanted a phone to make calls and thats exactly what my mom needs it for. is this promotion still for this year?
    By RedRKT5 years ago
    Yeah I use Tracfone but Straight Talk sounds interesting, sounds like it's for people with more powerful usage needs like mobile web and email and smartphones and that stuff. I'm loyal to tracfone so I was going to say no, then I found out Straight Talk is from Tracfone. So I'm looking in to it, lol
    By rcaldos75 years ago
    Tracfone have launched Straight Talk which is exclusive to Walmart AND you can get a qwerty phone or the Samsung Finesse SMART-PHONE....and the have an unlimited talk, text and web plan for only $45.00 per month with national coverage and no other hidden costs!
    By HIMYMstar5 years ago
    nelly cooper
    i treated myself to this nice cheap phone from tracfone. cost me $49.99 and with it got myself the inidvidual plan, i have double minutes for life, pay no extra for long distance or overseas calls, all charged at local rates. the nationwide cover turned out to be very reliable, and i am finally in charge of my cellphone spendings. my husband travels a lot for his job, and i always feared to miss out on a phonecall from him. no more of that either, i am available on my tracfone never mind where i am. loving it
    By nelly cooper5 years ago
    My mom's well equipped with a Tracfone LG420G phone which cost me $19.99 and with it I got : double minutes for life (value $24.99), a $10 gift voucher and a free accessory kit (value $14.99). I am a big fan of Tracfone because they always have specials on their phones and over the festive time of the year there are even extra extra specials on the phone plans too, which are extra minutes. So we know we get the best value for our money using Tracfone's plans and phones.
    By heroness5 years ago
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