Dance Teacher on Shen Yun in Yunlin County

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And Shen Yun wrapped up a four-show run in Yunlin County, Taiwan last week. Up next, our correspondent introduces us to one dance teacher who keeps coming back to see Shen Yun year after year.

This is dance teacher Wang Shumei’s fourth year seeing Shen Yun Performing Arts in Yunlin County, Taiwan.

[Wang Shumei, Dance Director]: (female Chinese)
“When I watched the show I couldn't help but shed tears. I don't know why. I feel it’s a very natural expression of my emotions, so I'm afraid of talking about it, because sometimes when I talk about it I feel so touched inside, and begin to shed tears. Because I think it is like the pure land in the human world.”

She says that Shen Yun brings out the best in people.

[Wang Shumei, Dance Director]:(female Chinese)
“In the Shen Yun performances every dance and song really expresses people’s inner feelings, and expresses the true self of the singer. I would say, Shen Yun is most able to inspire human nature, to bring out the most truthful side. It is also something very much needed in the world today.”

She was also moved by tenor Hong Ming.

[Wang Shumei, Dance Teacher]: (female Chinese)
“Listening to him, I feel very moved, even though I don't understand the skills and techniques of singing. But each time I hear him sing a song, I feel in my heart all of the truth, and all of the inspiration.”

NTD News, Yunlin County, Taiwan.

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