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    Using Geolocation to Promote Your Business


    by WebProNews

    Geolocation is one of the biggest buzzwords at industry events of late. Everyone is talking about Foursquare and Gowalla and the opportunities that lie there. To find out what those opportunities are, WebProNews caught up with Wayne Sutton of

    Sutton himself is also part of a new geolocation site called TriOut, which is specifically for individuals in North Carolina. According to Sutton, geolocation started blowing up over a year ago. The early adopters of this new phenomenon were sites such as Whrrl and Brightkite.

    Geolocation is getting so much recent hype since it is all about connecting people and building relationships. On the business side, businesses can see that users are checking in with their business. As a result, businesses can see customer patterns and learn to send relevant ads and discounts.

    If businesses can get their customers to come back by giving them special offers and compelling ads, the customers will be more likely to start word-of-mout