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    Can mini-apartments solve China's housing crisis?


    by ODN


    A retired engineer in China is offering one-room 'capsule apartments' as a way to find affordable accommodation.

    Inspired by Tokyo's "capsule hotels", Huang Rixin rented three rooms from a local farmer and transformed them into eight living units, hoping to shed light on the housing situation.

    "I hope we can get the real estate developers' sympathy as the house prices are rocketing, and hope they realise that there are still lots of poor university graduates and poor people in need. I wish they can sometimes donate some of the high-priced houses they fail to sell and make them capsule apartments to rent out, it would benefit more people," said Huang.

    The cubicles, around 8ft long by 4 feet wide, start from just £20 a month.

    All eight of the cubicles in Beijing are now occupied and Mr Huang hopes the idea will inspire others to tackle the housing shortage.