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    Thousands Gather for Climate Rally in Washington


    by NTDTelevision

    Thousands gather on the National Mall to rally Congress to pass climate change legislation in 2010. The rally was held a day after senators postponed the unveiling of a compromise bill.

    On Sunday, thousands gathered on the National Mall in Washington to rally Congress to pass a climate bill in 2010.

    Organized by the Earth Day Network, the rally ends a week of events marking the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day.

    College student Jason Fields took a bus with a group of about 40 classmates from Oberlin College in Ohio to attend the event.


    [Jason Fields, College Student]: (English)
    "This cause definitely is in jeopardy. Obama was a radical candidate and that's precisely why we voted for him. We expected concrete change and he is now going and increasing off-shore drilling and that is exactly against what we stand for, for climate change legislation and that is the most relevant issue of our time...And if this radical president, this supposedly radical president is increasing off-shore drilling, then where are we going to be in the future?"

    Rally attendee Sara Needleman-Carlton said she came to the mall to send a message to Congress to stay focused on helping the environment.

    [Sara Needleman-Carlton, Participant]: (English)
    "I think Congress needs to stop paying attention to what corporations want, what oil companies want, what the coal industry wants and start actually doing what the American people need them to do, which is create legislation that spends our tax dollars on sustainable jobs that create energy for people here in America without creating the pollution, the hazardous waste and all the other things that come with listening to oil companies who say 'Hey, we're making money. Don't take away our oil.'"

    U.S. climate change legislation was expected to be unveiled in the Senate on Monday, but suffered a blow after a Republican senator helping to write the bill pulled out of negotiations.