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Awareness about the implications of environmental damage is constantly growing within the Israeli public conosciousness. Our correspondent brings more detail from the "Earth Day" event.


The "Green Globe" is the reward given to those operating to save and maintain environmental resources.

Award winner Addi Lustig is one of the activists working to save and preserve natural beaches while keeping them open to the public for free.

[Addi Lustig, Committee Member for Saving "Palmahim" Beach]: (Female,Hebrew)
"We've been fighting for the last two years against the building of a huge resort on Palmahim Beach, which is one of the very few wild beaches that have remained in the center of the country at present. There is wildlife there, there are antiquities, and there are remains of one of the most ancient port towns in Israel. It's a historic site that we simply cannot allow to disappear."

Another young woman with determination and public responsibility is the General Manager of the Kishon River Authority, Sharon Nissim.


[Sharon Nissim, General Manager of the Kishon River Authority]: (Female, Hebrew)
"The Kishon River Authority was established at the end of 1994 with the purpose of rehabilitating the river and returning it to the public as a live source of water. A polluted river is primarily a source of water polluting both the water of the river itself and the soil, causing a problem for the wildlife and the neighboring ecological systems in general. The idea is to heal the river and revive it, to bring it to a place where the ecological system stabilizes".
And "Black Globes" were awarded to those who have harmed natural resources and damaged the environment.


One exclusive hour on "Earth Day" was named "Earth Hour." During that hour cities in Israel shut down their lights in support of stopping global warming.

Janet Zrian Photographer, Michael Hash
NTD News, Israel

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