sissy boyfriend


by prissysissy

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Your boyfriend is very lucky. I love it how your naughty friend laughs and teases him and oders him to pose; and when he doesn't obey, you force him into submission and he has to endure even more humiliation. The best part is you secretly recorded it and uploaded it for the whole world to see.

I wish you would do the same and some more to me. I would love to be dressed up and humiliated by you and your friends. I want to become your helpless, slutty, sissy bitch slave.

I would dress in skimpy, revealing and transparent outfits. When your friends would come over, I would rush to answer the door and perform a courtsey for them. If they are pleased, they would just casually smack my bottom, as I go to the kitchen to arrange and serve drinks for them. If they are not, they would just kick me in the nuts and I would fall to the floor in the doorway, bawling with pain and crying like a little girl while the neighbors look on.

I would cook, wash your clothes and clean your house while dressed in my tiny maid uniform, which opens at the chest and back revealing my tiny titties and cute and sometimes red (due to your spanking), ass.
By suniyaSeptember