MATHEMA The War Of The Poor men (subtitled American English)

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Hello to all,

( I am sorry, I do not speak English or American; I pass by a translator.)

After the writing, in follow-up naturally Mathema, a musical version; a natural result of the manuscript: "The War Of The Poor men" for which " I look for a publisher(editor). "

By the entry in an ideal social or monk, a new shape of tyranny in the world assails the humanity; become impersonal, the Men(People) are the toy of a dictator without face. God, ethnic origins(background), politics(policy), skin colour, money(silver) and power are so many tools as it uses to maintain the division and sit(base) its authority.
And if he(it) gets dreams and festivities to the peoples, it is only, for make them forget that they destroy(annul) themselves they even!

Pleasant day to you

Pierre Sauveur

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