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    Dajos Béla mit seiner Tanzkapelle - Ninon


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    D. Béla , aka Sándor Jószi (né Leo Golzmann in 1897 in Kiev, presently Ukraine)-1978 in La Falda, Argentina) was a Russian violinist and dance band leader. Originally he wanted to become a lawyer, but studied the violin in Moscow with Michajl Press and Berlin with Issay Barmas. To earn money he played in small clubs in the north of Berlin. In the early 1920s he founded a salon orchestra in Berlin. For jazz recordings the band also used the following pseudonyms: The Odeon Five, Mac's Jazz Orchestra and Clive Williams Jazzband. Béla also took the opportunity to perform in films. When in 1933 the Nazis came to power, he went on tour, first to Holland, then to Paris to the famous "Monseigneur" and to London to the "Palladium". In 1935 he got a contract at “Radio Splendid” in Buenos Aires. He stayed in this country for the rest of his life. Until the early 70’s he was never to return to Berlin. This lovely tune from the 1933 film Ein Lied für Dich, was recorded the same year.