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    Rescue workers free trapped hide-and-seek girl


    by ODN


    A rescue team went all out to free a girl trapped in the narrow gap between two walls in southeast China's Jiangxi province during a game of hide and seek, state television (CCTV) has reported.

    The team succeeded after several attempts because they had misjudged how far down the girl was trapped.

    The rescue workers in Jiujiang city had made a 20-centimetre-long hole in the wall but were only able to reach the child's hand, who was 1.2 metres further down inside the gap.

    Although they enlarged the hole, they were still unable to free her so the team decided to tear down the wall altogether and dig a hole, to free her without any forceful dragging or pulling.

    The girl was finally rescued after two hours. Paramedics on the scene said she suffered no long-term damage from her ordeal.