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    Finance Capital will usher in third world status for us all.


    by tenebroust

    The Stench of Truth (314).mp4 Tea Party people, attention! You are all WRONG! Less government can wait. Balanced budgets can wait. There is a more evil and imminent calamity that must be fought tooth and nail to get us off of the road we have been led to travel. The problem is finance capital. NOT productive capital which is a good thing if you can find any in this country anymore. Finance capital is what drives this economy and it only has one goal, turn us into poor people living in shacks on pennies a day with no benefits and no social safety net. They make ALL of the profit, they get BAILED out, they AVOID paying their fair share of taxes to support social policies. We get nothing but lost jobs, lower wages, and less benefits including raping of our retirement and Medicare. Fiscal responsibility is a LOSER proposition right now. Less government is a LOSER right now. This is where our fight must be or their will be no more tomorrows. For those who talk about what we burden our children with then imagine how pissed you will be when they are working for pennies, living in a shack, and getting no medical care. Can we come together on this, can we get in gear in action on this? I hope so.