Needing to talk

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strange but that's me weird


wish I could have that feeling of being madly in love... So cute... Wifey material
By Gambla Ent. Gambla 2 years ago
u look so gorgeous and it looks like ur breast grew a little baby
By John Moe 4 years ago
I only been in love once and hope to be in love one more time before i die haha.and to answer your other question.If you cheat on me with another man.I will forgive you,but you will have a hard time sitting down for a couple of days if you know what i mean lol.
By milton 4 years ago
Makes sense thanks for the response
By PrettyPurechinadoll 4 years ago
Just because you love someone doesn't mean that is who you are supposed to be with. Love is not a rational feeling or emotion. So you can't let love always make decisions for you. You also half to know your worth and love your self enough not to except less than what you deserve. But, if you feel that you are getting out of the relationship what you deserve stay if not move on.
By jeasy2007 4 years ago