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    EVERYthing is Source Talking

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    6th Journal 2010-04-12, 8 Vulture TRANSCRIPT: on Scribd Intro: I’m feeling some disappointment in myself. Sitting here, just making room for that; just being with it, not running away from it, into some distraction or another. I was supposed to be on an Internet fast for a few days. It’s not working out very well. Source went to all the trouble to set me up to take both computer and cord to town, about 100 miles away, but return with only one. It really doesn’t matter which one, for they’re both fairly useless, one without the other. Long story short, I left the cord in a bag of some other stuff I gave to a friend. So, I can see. At least I’m getting better at it, these days. Since this is the third freaking time I’ve had some off-the-wall reason for being without Internet service, I’m at least listening, lol. Obviously, somebody up there is talking to me...