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    Being vs Talking About Being

    Theresa-Ann Harvey

    by Theresa-Ann Harvey

    4th Journal 2010-04-12, 8 Vulture TRANSCRIPT: on Scribd Intro: Don’t know that I have anything to offer, here. Feeling a bit out of sorts. Computer/Internet addiction’s got me down. I hate being mastered, even partially, by something outside of heart. Grrrrr. But anyway, fighting it won’t do. Why not? Because what you resist persists; resistance makes it so. It’s like attaching yourself to the thing resisted; sure to bring it into the life, in one way or another. I never knew this saying, earlier on, and I probably wouldn’t have believed it, anyway. I’ve seen enough and changed enough to know it’s accurate, now. How about you? Do you realize that all the things you fight and fume at and about are just being strengthened in your life by your resistance to them? They can’t leave you; you won’t let them. It’s also called being unwilling to be in the now...