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    Wall Closets


    by Briannashmena

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    To celebrate the grand opening of our newest branch in San Francisco, 
    Closets Doors and Beyond would like to announce a limited time only sale beginning 
    April 2010, of up to 50% OFF on all doors.

    Is the current closet space you already have in your home still not enough to hold all of your clothing, jackets and other daily use items? If this sounds like a problem you may have then sleek new wall closets may just be the way to go for you. At Closets Doors & Beyond we specialize in building any kind of wall closets you may need, in any area of the home you may need them in, all we need is a little empty wall space.

    Our designers and staff also pride themselves on being able to provide you with high quality products at affordable prices. Never again will a budget be an issue with Closets Doors and Beyond as your wall closet provider. Here are just a few of the elements you will have available to you when designing your very own